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Drew's Portfolio

All Work Completed with W.Bradford and Kleidon & Associates Agencies

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This portfolio page features a compelling collection of copy samples spanning industries, channels, and styles.

All campaign deliverables shown here were developed as a team, but I often wore multiple hats — like copywriter, strategist, and account manager — simultaneously.

Please note that all images are clickable and link to the work detailed below. Enjoy!

Drew Candid 02_edited.jpg

Flex Your Finish, Opulence by LSI Industries

Integrated Campaign, Commercial Lighting

LSI Industries leads the commercial lighting market in Cincinnati, but its products traditionally attract contractors who use them for day-to-day applications. LSI needed to reposition Opulence as the architectural luminaire of choice for higher-end applications. 


The smart strategy and effective copywriting behind Flex Your Finish helped draw nearly 1,500 lighting designers, architects, and specifiers to the campaign landing page, smashing industry standards.

Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Hero Video Production, Quality Assurance

Honor the Tradition by LEM Products

Integrated Brand Campaign with Key Product Promotion

LEM Products was falling behind Meat Your Maker, its high-octane competitor in the home meat processing space.


LEM's best differentiator was the human connections and relationships it stood for — the idea that there's nothing better than sitting around the table with family for a home-cooked meal

Alongside energetic product sizzles, brand-focused storytelling videos brought the message to life as part of the holistic campaign.

Screen Shot 2023-09-30 at 12.23.14 AM.png

Video Production, Account Management, Copywriting

Dubbz Gaming Platform and Token Launch

Multichannel Product Launch Campaign, Crypto and Esports

Dubbz is a one-of-a-kind blockchain based video game platform that allows users to wager cryptocurrency on their favorite games — including Fortnite, FIFA, Call of Duty, Madden, Rocket League, and more.


A robust go-to-market strategy identified subsets of gamers, esports athletes, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in the platform. Catchy, well-placed copy helped attract over 4,000 players in the first two weeks.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 6.41.48 PM.png

Marketing Strategy, Copywriting

ICBA Trade Show, MilliCare B2B Cleaning

Full Launch Campaign for New Target Market, Surface Care

MilliCare is a franchise-based business that operated for nearly a year without any in-house marketing staff — relying entirely on the agency. A strong showing at ICBA (Independent Community Bankers of America) Live 2023 generated leads from 26 community bank chains.


Persona-based messaging targeted bank presidents, CEOs, and VPs via social media, digital advertising, emails, and the booth itself. An island helicopter tour giveaway generated qualified national account leads at a cost of $25 each. Awareness ads garnered 32,000 impressions among bank personnel — effectively introducing the MilliCare brand to the market.

The winner of the helicopter giveaway has since signed a large national account agreement with MilliCare.


Marketing Strategy, Lead Gen, Copywriting, Booth Procurement, Account Management, Quality Assurance

Luxury Starts with Linear by Beta-Calco

Integrated Campaign, Linear Lighting Product Range

Beta-Calco’s brand had a Star Wars droid vibe, and its voice was painfully bland — totally incongruent with its goal to penetrate the high-end architectural lighting market. The Luxury Starts with Linear campaign elevated the manufacturer’s linear product line in the eyes of architects.


Scintillating copy helped generate more than six times the number of quotes brought in by Beta-Calco’s non-linear range in a three-month period.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 6.38.06 PM.png

Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Hero Video Production, Account Management, Quality Assurance

Together We Soar, CommuteAir

Website Overhaul and Brand Refresh Campaign

CommuteAir (formerly CommutAir) needed a bold new brand to compete effectively in the saturated airline hiring market. Regional airlines were racing to beat one another using inflated compensation, but CommuteAir needed to take a more sustainable approach to pilot recruitment.

In the wake of the release of Top Gun: Maverick, CommuteAir launched its new brand and website — accompanied by a hero video that paid homage to the airline’s rich history while evoking a sense of swagger.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 6.44.30 PM.png

Sitemap Creation, Content Outline, Copywriting, SEO Research & Execution, Hero Video Production

Live Light by Luminii

Optimized Blog Program

Luminii is a commercial lighting manufacturer that relies on organic web traffic to spur a large bulk of its sales. Interviews, case studies, curated content, and thought leadership — under a larger SEO strategy — increased visibility among lighting designers, architects, specifiers, and rep agents.


Copywriting, SEO Research & Execution, Account Management, Quality Assurance

Patio Furniture from JDM

Product Photography Project

JDM Furniture needed crisp product photography for its annual catalog, but the pieces in question were located at a home in Northern Kentucky.

Bright, cheery, and on-brand images taken onsite helped portray the radiant energy that a JDM patio set brings to your backyard.

JDM Furniture Shoot_7086_edited.jpg

Creative Direction, Account Management

ACTvantage Analytics Tools for Distributors

Multi-Channel Campaign

ACTvantage provides best-in-class analytics tools to B2B distributors. The offerings are so complex that communicating the client's value proposition proved difficult, especially at the top of the sales funnel.

Using literary devices and quippy copy, ACTvantage was able to promote its top five products using video content, social media, and e-blasts, driving significant traffic to the team's lower-funnel sales webinars.


Strategy Development, Content Pillar Outline, Copywriting

Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church

Website Overhaul

Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church wanted to add a welcoming warmth to the look and feel of its website. Alongside a comprehensive rebrand, the launch of the new site allowed Cincinnati’s most welcoming church to increase its reach and engage the next generation.

Screen Shot 2023-09-29 at 7.02.34 PM.png

Content Outline, Copywriting, SEO Research & Execution, Account Management, Quality Assurance

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